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Download Th’ Ink, only $2

Egyptian Futurist press is proud to offer Th’ Ink, a literary journal featuring the stories of Jeff Holland for only $2, available through publication distributor Gumroad, as a pdf. Get yours today! Yes, please!


Why a Spacemummy? What are all these scarabs doing here? So many questions. This is good! Lost in djet-time, further back than even records set in stone, is our future. You sit inside your body-anchor, projecting a myth upon the past and a science-fiction upon the future, but they are both the same. When ancient […]

Introducing Th’ Ink, Egyptian Futurist’s first publication

Loading… Egyptian Futurist Press is proud to announce its first publication, Th’ Ink. Th’ Ink is a handmade book, each page folded, sewn and encased in a stiff, handbound cover using timeless techniques of binding, printing and papercraft. Th’ Ink features stories and poems from Jeff Holland. Jeff Holland’s stories are absurdist science fiction, surrealism […]

Egyptian Futurist Culture Artifact 001

Hello futurists, weird utopians, assorted mummified characters, culture vultures and wiseasses. This is the first music post of the Egyptian Futurist Culture Ministry. I hope to make this a regular dispensary of artifacts. Thanks for paying attention, Hakim Horus Dung Beetle [sc_embed_player fileurl=”…%20Tanz%20Der%20Ko%c3%8crperlinge.mp3″]Budi und Gunbls “Tanz Der Koƌrperlinge” from their 1983 album “Hmm”. There’s some […]

Welcome to the Egyptian Futurist Press

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