Why a Spacemummy? What are all these scarabs doing here? So many questions. This is good! Lost in djet-time, further back than even records set in stone, is our future. You sit inside your body-anchor, projecting a myth upon the past and a science-fiction upon the future, but they are both the same. When ancient civilizations flourished and fell, they left behind a sludge that we now burn as fuel. Every falling, from leaves to giant beasts, is compost for future creatures.

It seems that every bond of slavery broken is an advance into a silicon prison. But that need not be the case. Cover your wounds with bandages, the softest of armors. Tear out your skullphone and make a small robot out of it. Warm one foot in the sand of the past and soak the other in the swamp of the future. Rejoice in the light of the SUN, in whose light all dramas and comedies play. It is also the propulsion system that brought you here and will send you to your destiny.

Ad astra per orgone.

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