Introducing Th’ Ink, Egyptian Futurist’s first publication

Egyptian Futurist Press is proud to announce its first publication, Th’ Ink. Th’ Ink is a handmade book, each page folded, sewn and encased in a stiff, handbound cover using timeless techniques of binding, printing and papercraft. Th’ Ink features stories and poems from Jeff Holland. Jeff Holland’s stories are absurdist science fiction, surrealism and magical realism.

Th’ Ink includes,

  • Skullphone, a tale of the near future of a gentleman who BYOD’s himself into oblivion.
  • If You Don’t Like My Peaches, another story from the near future in which an orchard is not just a source of stone fruit, but a highly networked social group of botanical entities.

Th’ Ink
All original, unpublished stories and poems
64 pages
Handmade and bound
with letterpress handprinted cover
handcover $30
paper zine with cardstock cover $10
electronic download $5

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